Transform a Room in Your Home to Give it a New Lease of Life

A client recently asked me to transform a room in her home that had no real purpose and give it some much needed TLC and a new lease of life.  

The room had previously been used as a temporary office but over the past 18 months, this was no longer the case.   Consequently, the kids toys, amongst other items, were slowly being stored en masse at the other end of the room.  It was a chaotic pile of items falling all over the place!  

Having listened to my client’s needs, I suggested that this non-functional room could be converted into a lovely bright playroom with a sense of purpose and vision.   I could see just how much use this room would get and how well it would serve the family.  

I eagerly got to work and as you can see from below, the room went from an unassuming space to a much loved, well served playroom for 2 very happy kids.  

It just goes to show that small changes to a living space not only deliver huge results but can also clear up much needed space throughout a home.  

I am a fully trained and qualified Professional Declutterer & Organizer, through the Declutter Academy and can make your decluttering journey much easier.

I guide and help with all aspects of clutter throughout your home and wardrobe.  

I inspire and motivate on your journey to successfully transforming your living space and mindset and to discover the many positive benefits of decluttering and letting go. 

This will help you to feel happier and healthier.

If this resonates with you, please call me: 086 396 1807 or contact me here.

Transform a Room in Your Home to Give it a New Lease of Life
Transform a Room in Your Home to Give it a New Lease of Life