Step by Step to Achieve Great Decluttering Results

When feeling overwhelmed by your clutter, break it down step by step to achieve great decluttering results.

Below is wonderful example of how this can be successfully done. A client kept many items in a freestanding cupboard largely out of habit and convenience. They came to a point where they felt totally overwhelmed by the look and feel of the cupboard. They stopped using it and “wished it would just go away”.

When I met them I guided and helped them to break free of the overwhelm of clutter and how to change their old habits which they admitted did not serve them well.

They wanted a new direction not just for this cupboard but for other areas of their kitchen. We sorted and organised the items, with an emphasis on use and functionality.

Consequently, a plan was put in place for storing item by item in their cupboards going forward. This resulted in freeing up this large free standing cupboard for a new lease of life.

A cupboard filled to the brim with items. Very cluttered!
A cupboard empty of all clutter, all looking most better.