Meet Terri

Hi, I’m Terri, Professional Organiser

I have worked in a number of people and customer facing roles in both public and private enterprises throughout London and Ireland since the 1990s. More recently I left my Human Resources role in the corporate world to set up my own consultancy. This allowed me to follow my passion in motivating and inspiring others to declutter, organise and let go.

I enjoy helping others discover the many positive benefits of decluttering and organising. I experienced my own challenges with decluttering and organising over the years and can fully appreciate people’s frustrations and anxieties when it comes to decluttering and organising a home.

I enjoy sharing the knowledge and confidence of decluttering and organising their home in a thorough and enjoyable way while also creating a home that’s meaningful and enjoyable to them. 

I’ve always considered myself to be a great organiser and have regularly decluttered and organised friends and families homes, wardrobes amongst other areas over the past 20+ years. It was always an area that I very much enjoyed and particularly in helping others break free from the overwhelm of clutter and allow them free up precious space in their homes. This helps them to create a greater sense of happiness in their homes and to let go of clutter.

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My Methodology

Motivating and inspiring others so they can truly see the power of decluttering, organising and letting go, and YESYOU CAN do this.

Being able to empower others with the skills and knowledge to transform their homes in an effective way, is at the core of everything I do.

Making the biggest impact while maximising time and energy. 

Helping others to make decisions allowing them to be in control in a non-judgemental manner.

Identify why clutter builds up in the home and encourage others who struggle to make decisions around their clutter. 

Understand the various emotions experienced with decluttering especially with sentimentality and guilt. 

Knowing when to take a break when emotional blocks hinder ability to make decisions.