I am always thrilled to receive feedback, especially as decluttering is such a personal journey.

“I recently had 2 wonderful decluttering consultations with Terri, Decluttered by Terri. It was such a positive life-changing experience for me.

Terri worked with me to declutter and organise my wardrobes, bedrooms and kitchen. She was so encouraging and continuously motivated me throughout our sessions. Her engaging nature made it easy for me to share my fears and blocks around decluttering and that it was perfectly normal to feel this way. I can’t believe how much she helped me to clear out in such a short period and how impactful the whole process was. I never thought I could do this!

She followed up with me within 24 hours of each session which was a lovely personal touch. I would highly recommend Terri to anyone who is feeling stuck with their wardrobe and/or home.

Thanks again, Terri, you are amazing. “

Claire, Ballincollig, Cork.

“Terri, working with you to declutter and organise my living room and kitchen was so enjoyable and rewarding.  In just two consultations, you totally transformed these rooms and I can’t believe how much stuff was cleared in such a short period of time.  I can’t imagine how long this would have taken me. 

I love the way you organised the items in both rooms and how stylish everything now looks.  I can’t believe the impact you’ve made.

I had felt so overwhelmed for some time and was even embarrassed when visitors called in.   Now with so much stuff gone, I feel so much happier, relaxed and can find what I want when I need it. 

Thanks again, Terri, you come highly recommended.” Gillian, Kerry

“I’d like to say a BIG thank you to Terri for clearing and organising my wardrobe.  I’ve always been someone who held onto stuff – just in case!  Unfortunately, I just kept accumulating stuff and adding it to piles already in my wardrobe.  I tried to clear stuff but didn’t know what to get rid of and became overwhelmed and stressed by it.  What a relief to call in the services of Decluttered by Terri, Terri cleared out so much in 2 sessions.  I now have a lovely organised wardrobe that I’m so happy to wake up to each day.  I feel so revitalised with such a weight off my mind.  Thank you, Terri, you come highly recommended.”  Laura, Sunday’s Well, Cork

“I recently relocated from London to Ireland.  And it was only when I went to unpack my personal effects, that I realised how much I had accumulated.  I didn’t know what to do!!  I was so fortunate to come across Decluttered by Terri and right from the outset, Terri was wonderful in helping me clear out what I didn’t need and organise my new home.  I even managed to sell some of my clothes amongst other items online, thanks to Terri.  Win / win all round, I am a very happy customer.”  Melanie, Ireland

“Having decided to move to Europe in 2023, I needed to clear my unwanted items and prep my home which was going on sale. The combination of cleanup, sale and move quickly became overwhelming, I was struggling to get the home ready for viewings as well as deciding what to keep. A colleague mentioned Decluttered by Terri.  At first I was dismissive, as I would have never considered anything like this, but following a call and then meeting Terri I am so glad I did.  We filled 20 bags with unwanted items and now have the house ready for viewings.  Great service, well worth the investment and saved me a lot of time.”   Peter, St Lukes, Cork

“Terri, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful wardrobe and kitchen consultations I had with you. I had been considering decluttering my home for some time but couldn’t pick up the courage to do so. I felt so overwhelmed by all my stuff, particularly with my overflowing wardrobe and just didn’t know what to do. Now thanks to you, I have cleared out and let go of so many items and in such a short space of time. I never thought I could do this. I now feel so much happier and can enjoy my home with renewed energy.  I really enjoyed your approach which put me at ease from the outset and that you were so non judgemental. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to declutter their home”.  Caroline, Cork.

“I am so happy I had the courage to contact Decluttered by Terri and have Terri declutter my vast wardrobe.  I had so much stuff in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn for so long.  I felt so guilty about this but just didn’t know what to do about it.  I had tried to declutter and organise the stuff myself but felt so overwhelmed.  Now thanks to Terri, I have reclaimed my wardrobe having cleared out several bags of clothes.  Thank you so much, I would highly recommend you”.  Susan, Bishopstown, Cork.

“A quick note to say thanks Terri for decluttering and organising my kitchen.  I had many items in kitchen cupboards that were never used.  Items included dinner sets, cutlery sets, saucepans and so many other items.  Thanks to you I have all this new space and the items have a new home.  I would recommend you to anyone looking to declutter their kitchen”.  Kate, Douglas, Cork

“Terri, I can’t thank you enough for decluttering my wardrobe.  I had so many items that hadn’t seen the light of day for years.  I came to a point where I could no longer find what I wanted and felt so disorganised and stressed by my situation.  You approached the situation so calmly and effectively that I didn’t realise how much we had achieved in such a short time.  Thanks again, I would recommend you to anyone looking to organise their wardrobe”.  Anne, Dublin

“I never thought I could have achieved so much in 2 decluttering sessions with Terri.  Such a worthwhile investment that has benefited me and my family on so many levels, from the kitchen, to the office and playroom.  I am an organised individual but what Terri did in just 2 sessions, has totally transformed my home.  Her approach was so professional and very easy to work with.  A definite 5-Star, Terri comes highly recommended”.  Karen, Rochestown, Cork

“I needed help with clearing out my mother’s home.  There were lots of items to clear out with many sentimental items.  Terri went through this journey with me with so much compassion and understanding.  I would never have been able to do this. I want to thank you for everything you did, Terri.  Such a worthwhile service for anyone faced with clearing a much loved family home.”  Denise, Blackrock, Cork

“Terri was recommended to me by a friend as I needed help decluttering my overflowing wardrobe.  I had so many items including numerous boxes of shoes, bags, suits, dresses and just wanted the stuff gone.  Terri decluttered my wardrobe over two virtual sessions and was so flexible to accommodate my work schedule.  I feel so free and can now see the space around my wardrobe!!  Thanks again, highly recommended”.  Nasim, London