“Motivating & Inspiring others so they can truly see the power of decluttering and organising and YES YOU CAN do this, is at the core of everything I do.”

Terri O’Callaghan – declutteredbyterri.com

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Decluttering & Organisation Session

My session can be done in your home or online, via Zoom. During this session, I give you the advice and encouragement you need so you can do this yourself going forward.

  • Have you had enough of clutter and disorganisation?
  • Do you finally want to break free of it?
  • Are you ready for a new beginning?

My exciting, hands-on session is for you if you want to:

  • Become clutter-free, more organised and want positive change,
  • Want to make your home more sellable, 
  • Need help with house clearance, inc. prior to/after house move and post bereavement,
  • Need help with life changes, inc. new family addition, kids leaving home, separation, moving country.

My session encompasses organisation, storage, design, personal style and positive mindset.

Contact me in confidence, to see how I can help you.

📧              Terri@declutteredbyterri.com

Web:          https://declutteredbyterri.com/ 

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