Your Home Investment

Hiring the services of a Professional Organiser is an investment in your home.  Just as we would hire a Painter, Builder, Fitter, etc, to undertake a specific task, a Professional Organiser will bring their expertise into your home and effectively declutter and organise it for you.   

In doing so, you will learn new skills from the Professional Organiser.  Coaching and teaching of decluttering and organisational skills, is often part of the package. By learning these skills, you will feel motivated and inspired to keep your home decluttered and organised.

There’s so much more than simply clearing clutter and organising items into various categories for disposal.   A Professional Organiser will restore order in your home and help you to love it once again.  As with any profession, a Professional Organiser is fully trained and qualified to work in this profession.

When working with a Professional Organiser, you will be surprised by how much can be achieved in such a short period, thus allowing you to live a more organised and happier life.  Less REALLY IS more. 

Unfortunately, there are misconceptions around being able to organise a home yourself.  There are many reasons why someone cannot do it themselves, ranging from not being naturally organised, to ill health, busy lifestyle, age, amongst others.   

Prior to embarking on the process, a Professional Organiser will have a no obligation call with you, to better understand your needs and goals.  This is subsequently followed up with pictures in order for a plan to be devised.  

As decluttering and organising is such a personal journey, you need to feel comfortable with the person you’re working with.  Perhaps check out their website and social media platforms to get a sense for them.  

Don’t be embarrassed, anxious, overwhelmed or sentimental by your situation.   Professional Organisers have seen many situations, are totally non-judgemental and incredibly discreet in their dealings.

A Professional Organiser will NOT get rid of all your items.  Through their expertise, you will be encouraged to select items that work well for your home and which make it attractive and comfortable.  Items not being kept, will be disposed of in a sustainable way, including to friends/family, charities or to be sold so they can live on.  

If your budget is tight, ask your Professional Organiser how you could do some of the decluttering yourself in between sessions.  A great way to start putting your learnings into action!

As with any professional service, prices vary depending on location, service required, expertise and knowledge. 

The remit of a Professional Organiser goes well beyond the services outlined above.  Additional services include: making your home more sellable, getting your home ready for a new family member, children leaving home, separation, bereavement and house clearance.