The hidden value of unworn clothes

Is your wardrobe full to the brim? You’re not alone – a recent survey by environmental group WRAP estimates that wardrobes in the UK hold 1.6 billion unworn garments. Unworn! 

The survey also found that the average person in the UK owns 118 items of clothing in which over a quarter (26%) have not been used in the past year.

It also found that people are hanging onto their clothes longer. There are many reasons why people will do so, from waiting for the perfect moment to wear something, to perhaps feeling like they spent too much money on an item that maybe…just maybe…. Will never get used! 

I found it interesting that UK homes tend to hold onto second hand an vintage clothes indicating a greater emotional connection to newer clothes. 

For some, having wardrobes filled with unused clothes can be an emotional journey in itself, from pride, desire and even guilt, how our wardrobes exist has a direct connection to how we feel. 

And for second hand clothes, it is understandable why we may be slow to let go. But letting go does have benefits. It’s encouraging that the report found receptivity to five circular business models for clothing in the UK, including: subscription, rental, preloved, upcycled and repair.

Decluttering does not always mean you throw away clothes, in fact in these days it’s always best to find a way to have new life for your old clothes. Decluttering is a sustainable activity and one that could make money for you – could that vintage jacket you don’t wear be worth something? Is this the time you can now free up space, wear what you use but also know your old clothes are living on? 

I think so!

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