Take back control of your cupboards and storage areas

Want to take back control of your cupboards and storage areas but don’t know how to start?  The following will get you organised in time for Easter 🐣

✨ Set goals: Determine why you want to declutter. Is it to create more space? To reduce overwhelm? Or organise your items? Having goals will motivate you to start. 

✨ Start small: Clearing entire areas can be overwhelming so start with a small area. You will quickly see progress which will inspire you.

✨ Declutter by category: Get everything you have in that category and place in piles. It will help you to see what you have, which in turn, makes decisions easier.  

✨ Use the keep, discard, donate method: The 3 options make the process easier to manage and help with decision making. 

✨ Set a time limit:  Determine how much time you have, set a timer and stick to it. 

✨ Create a home for everything: As you decide what to keep, give everything a home to return to. This will help to keep on top of things, going forward.

✨ Establish habits: Once you’ve cleared the space, introduce habits to your daily routine. This will make keeping on top of the space easier. 

✨ Have an exit plan: Discard and donate the items, as soon as possible. You will feel so much better once all the items have left your home. 

I helped this client to declutter numerous items from her hall storage area. Many items were removed and she now has a lovely, clutter-free space for Easter 🐣