Living with a dog…. AND Have a Clean Organised Space!!

Today, we celebrate our wonderful four legged friend’s sweet 16th birthday. Happy birthday 🥳 Beano, what an amazing 16 years it’s been. 

And today I reflect on a question I’m often asked. “Can I have a clean, organised home with a dog?” And my answer is always yes! 

Like everything, the key is to be organised with an effective routine and a place for all their items. This could be the utility room or storage area in your kitchen.

Just like us, our dogs enjoy a clutter-free space in order to be happy. And when we live in a a calm and relaxed home, which we enjoy, so will our dog. Also, in a clutter-free, organised space, our pets are less likely to encounter injuries and potential dangers. And of course, live the best life which they totally deserve 🐶🐶