Feeling stuck with your wardrobe?

I recently helped a lovely client to declutter and recreate her wardrobe. Although her wardrobe was full of clothes, she felt that she had nothing to wear and ended up wearing the same outfits all the time! She said she was ‘stuck and don’t know what to do’.

We started by decluttering her wardrobe and cleared out the items that no longer suited, flattered or fitted her. In doing so, we filled 3 bags of clothes, these will be donated and live on elsewhere.

With the remaining items, we created a flattering capsule wardrobe that streamlines and coordinates her items and ensures nothing is unused. We discussed how to mix and match and to wear these items with confidence. How the eye perceives something can trick the brain into seeing it differently to how it really is.

She now looks at her wardrobe in a totally different light and has the confidence to wear what she wants and enjoy her transformed wardrobe.

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