Sunroom – Place of Tranquility or Storage Room?

A sunroom is such a wonderful place of tranquility enabling you to retreat from the chaos of everyday life! It’s typically a beautiful bright spot taking in natural light and beauty, and a gateway to your garden.

This is often not the case when I visit a home to be decluttered. I find that the sunroom has become a storeroom for items ranging from storage boxes to furniture (moved from other rooms), to broken appliances and various other household items.

Clients often say they don’t see the items anymore as “they’re out of the way out there”. From experience, I often find that this beautiful space is crying out for decluttering…

So with the brighter sunnier days upon us, why not take time to declutter and transform this oasis, invest in low cost accessories and enjoy your space.

Your local retailers will have various styles to help inspire you. I was inspired by these beautiful items on a recent trip to Hanleys of Cork where these styles caught my eye.

If you’d like to chat about any space in your home, big or small, contact me.

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