Christmas Dinner Table: Are you all set?

Christmas Day is almost here.  All the shopping is done, presents are bought, decorations are up, Santa’s lists are done and those very important letters have been sent to the North Pole…….  You’re all done!  

And then you realise there’s no plan in place for the Christmas Day Dinner Table.   I have first-hand experience of friends and family stressing about this on Christmas Eve.   This does not have to be the case.

For many, the prospect of organising the Christmas Day Dinner Table can be incredibly overwhelming and challenging.  You ask yourself what items should I use?  Where will I start?  How can I get a seating plan in place?  

It’s easy – if you approach it bit-by-bit, you will easily do it.  

Dinnerware & Cutlery

Before deciding on your dinnerware and cutlery sets, it’s worth taking into account the number of guests for the big day.  

Next, go through the sets and make sure you choose one that caters for everyone.  Ensure that all items are there for each set and grouped together.  Check that they are in perfect condition with no chips, cracks, etc.  Will you use your fine dining dinnerware or your everyday sets?   

Glass Wear

From gin to wine glasses, celebrate the big day in style.  Make sure to have  your collection of fine drinking glasses, all set to celebrate the big day.  It’s also an opportunity to get out those Christmas themed glasses, kids particularly enjoy using these over Christmas.  

Decisions all made and you’re good to go.  Being organised means everything will be ready for the big day, with no unexpected surprises or stresses.  

Items to Let Go Of

While doing this, why not take the opportunity to get rid of what you no longer use, love or serves you.  Do you really need all these items, some of which may be worn, dated or even broken?   Decluttering and clearing these items will free up much space in your cupboards and make them more organised and clutter-free.

Many of us buy items we use for one day and which then take up valuable space we don’t have.  Only buy what you have room to comfortably store. 

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Christmas.  May All Your Dreams Come True.

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