Christmas Decluttered & Organised in Just 12 Days? Yes, 12 Days.

Are you looking to declutter and organise your home in time for Christmas?  

With Christmas just around the corner, and all that extra shopping being done for gifts, decorations, entertaining, etc, a cluttered home can suddenly become much more cluttered.  Items can often be stuffed into already overflowing cupboards and all available space throughout your home.  So now is the time to clear out your clutter and have your home ready for the Festive season.  

Clutter largely consists of items that no longer serve you – they are not wanted, used or loved.  General rule is if an item has not been used in the past year, it’s time to let it go.  It could get a new lease of life and live on, either by donating to charity or selling and possibly making you money.For many, the prospect of decluttering can seem incredibly overwhelming, daunting and challenging.  This can be particularly so with Christmas in mind and getting your home organised in time for all that Christmas entertaining.  This does not have to be the case.  

Setting Targets

But if you approach it bit-by-bit, and set yourself a target, you will easily do it.  The simple way to do it is the 12 days of Christmas decluttering plan.  

Clear out items each day that correspond to the day of your plan, e.g. on your first day – 1 item, day 10 – 10 items.  This makes it more manageable and will get you into a great mindset where you’ll see progress being made each day.  If you want to stretch yourself, how about doubling this figure?  Or trebling it?

Set a daily time slot that suits you, perhaps first thing in the morning.  Set your timer for as little as 10 minutes and let it become part of your daily routine.  

What Should I Let Go Of?

So you ask yourself what items should go?  Where should I start?  How can I let go?   How can I possibly start this?  It’s easy – think of what’s in your wardrobe, dressing table, kitchen, airing cupboard and what no longer serves you.

In your wardrobe and dressing table, this could be items that no longer fit, flatter, suit or serve you.  Items that appear worn, have holes or odd socks or gloves.  Perhaps bags of makeup and creams that have dried out. 

In your kitchen, where we have so many duplicated items, including dinner sets, tea sets, coffee makers, saucepans and baking appliances.  Do you really need all these items, some of which may be worn, dated or not even working?  

In your airing cupboard, this could be towels, sheets, duvet covers, throws, amongst other items, that appear worn, faded and no longer suitable.  

With all those items decluttered and cleared from your life, you’re now organised and good to go for the Festive season.

12 Days is Done – I am ready for Christmas

So on day 12 and in great time for Christmas, you’ll have either 78 or 156 (or possibly even more) items decluttered from your home.  What great progress that would be in such a short space of time.  You’ll feel so much happier, healthier, relaxed and more organised this Christmas.  

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