Decluttering: Saving Money, Time & Being Sustainable

All that clutter in your home and wardrobe that no longer serves you, could easily go to a new home where it will get a new lease of life. Think of all those friends / family that would love some of your items. Charity shops often make money from this stuff and would love to see you pop in!

Think of the environment and being more sustainable next time you go shopping. Do I really need another top, leggings, hoody? Many clothes and household items end up in skips, bins and landfill. Try to re-use and recycle your clothes more. It’s not only good for the environment but also for your bank balance. Money saved could go towards a well-earned reward at Christmas, a new car or holiday you’ve always dreamed of.

Your items not only cause build-up of clutter but also gather dust and need regular cleaning, maintenance and organising, Just imagine all that extra time you’d have without having to do this, with more time to spend on what you enjoy doing. Can you imagine that!!!

I am a fully trained and qualified Professional Declutterer through the Declutter Academy and can make your decluttering journey much easier.

I guide and help with all aspects of clutter throughout your home and wardrobe.

I inspire and motivate on your journey to successfully transforming your living space and mindset and to discover the many positive benefits of decluttering and letting go.

This will help you to feel happier and healthier. When feeling overwhelmed by your clutter, break it down step by step and remember YES I CAN do this.

If this resonates with you, please call me: 086 396 1807.