Making Room for New Memories this Christmas

At Christmas, we often add more items to our homes, than we can manage, with kids toys being a major contributor.

A great way to avoid clutter build-up and overwhelm is to declutter and let go of items.

This week, I helped clients claim back valuable space and restore order. We decluttered and organised kids bedrooms and playrooms.

Much space was freed up, thus allowing ample space for new toys to be enjoyed without the stress of adding to an already cluttered space. We involved the kids and got them to clear out what they no longer wanted, needed or loved.

They were delighted to be part of the process and to learn that their old items would be donated. Not only does this break old habits, it sets kids up with invaluable life skills. Are you ready to break old habits and reclaim precious space?

I would love to help you.

Contact me to see how I can get you organised for the New Year.

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