Making Space for Santa: Decluttering for the Holidays

We are always adding more to our homes, this is particularly so at Christmas, with kids toys being a major contributor. So, before embarking on Christmas shopping, why not declutter kids bedrooms, playroom and storage areas.

This will free up so much space before more items are added. It will allow ample space for new toys to be enjoyed without the stress of adding to an already cluttered space.

Involve the kids and get them to clear out what they no longer want or need. Set up designated areas for items and donate old toys.

In doing this, you are breaking old habits and setting kids up with invaluable life skills.

I recently helped clients claim back valuable space and restore order. Numerous items were donated and they are now all set for Christmas.

Are you ready to break old habits and reclaim precious space? I would love to help you. Contact me to see how I can get you Christmas ready.