A Heartfelt Journey Through a Late Mother’s Home

I had a very successful day yesterday as I helped 2 emotive daughters declutter their late Mother’s home.  The home had become a ‘shrine’, with items left untouched for some time.  

It was filled with mixed emotions – sadness, grief, guilt, sentiment.  It’s understandable to experience such emotions when working through items acquired throughout life.

I’m very thankful that many of the items were donated to charities and will now live on in another life. 

I was humbled to receive this touching testimonial especially as this was such an emotional journey.   

“I needed help with clearing my late mother’s home. There were lots of items to clear out with many very sentimental and cherished items. Terri went through the journey with me with so much kindness, compassion and understanding.  I would never have been able to do this as there was too much emotion involved. Terri, I want to thank you for everything you did.  Such a worthwhile service for anyone faced with clearing a much loved family home.”