Moving home kept minimal

Do you need all those items when moving? I was delighted to save this client a lot of money in shipping and airline costs. We packed just what he needed – saving him money, time, packing/unpacking and organising.

We also worked with sustainability in mind as less packing reduces the need for relocation wrapping materials. 

His decluttered home was all set for going on the market and looked amazing, whilst his unwanted items were donated to charities. Win/win for everyone and I was thrilled to receive this wonderful testimonial. 

“Having decided to move to Europe in 2023, I needed to clear my unwanted items and prep my home which was going on sale. The combination of cleanup, sale and move quickly became overwhelming, I was struggling to get the home ready for viewings as well as deciding what to keep. A colleague mentioned Decluttered by Terri. At first I was dismissive, as I would have never considered anything like this, but following a call and then meeting Terri I am so glad I did. We filled 20 bags with unwanted items and now have the house ready for viewings. Great service, well worth the investment and saved me a lot of time.”