Does chaos reign in your wardrobe, making getting dressed feel overwhelming?

Then, it’s time to introduce regular habits to take back control.

Create a daily organising routine: Spend 5 minutes putting items into their designated space and dirty items into laundry. This prevents items building up which can create overwhelm.

Hang clothes in their categories: Hanging items by category makes it much easier to see exactly what you have.

Have a donation bag: Keep a donation bag inside your wardrobe and each time you take out an item that no longer fits or flatters, place it in the donation bag.

One in, one out: Before buying something new, ask yourself if you need it or if you already have it. This prevents impulse buying items that you don’t need.

Make decluttering an ongoing process: By doing so, you will reduce overwhelm and anxiety and make the process much easier and manageable.

I recently helped a client declutter numerous items from her wardrobe. In doing so, she has reclaimed much space and parted with items that no longer flattered or suited her. She can now focus on the remaining items that make her feel happy and confident with her appearance.

Are you ready to declutter, organise, let go and elevate your style? Contact me to see how I can help you achieve this.