Easter Decluttered & Organised in Just 12 Days? Yes, 12 Days.

With Easter just 12 days away & extra shopping being done for gifts, decorations, entertaining, etc, a cluttered home can suddenly become more cluttered. 

So why not set yourself a target today to do the 12 Days of Easter Decluttering Plan!  

Clear out items each day that correspond to the day of your plan, e.g., on your first day – 1 item, day 10 – 10 items. That makes it more manageable & will get you into a great mindset where you’ll see daily progress being made. If you want to stretch yourself, how about doubling this figure? Or trebling it?

Set a daily time slot that suits you, perhaps first thing in the morning. Set your timer for as little as 10 minutes & let it become part of your daily routine.

So you ask yourself what should go? Where should I start? How can I let go? It’s easy – think of what’s in your wardrobe, kitchen, living room & what no longer serves you, flatters, is worn, broken, etc. 

With all those items cleared from your life, you’re now organised & ready for Easter.
So on day 12, you’ll have either 78 or 156 (or possibly more) items decluttered from your home. What great progress that would be in such a short space of time.

You’ll feel so much happier, relaxed & organised this Easter. All set for those yummy Easter eggs….. & so well deserved! Enjoy!!